Reloading Page

If you like to ``roll your own", then you need to bookmark these sites...

Powder Manufacturers:
Hodgdon Powder Co.
Alliant Powders
Lapua (Vihtavuori) Powder
Accurate Arms Powder
Winchester Ammunition
IMR Powder

And of course you will need a Powder Burn Rate Chart!

Bullet Manufacturers:
Sierra Bullets-The Bulletsmiths
Hawk Bullets
Speer bullets - Home
Winchester Ammunition
Berger Bullets Incorporated

Reloading Equipment and Component Retailers:

RCBS Products
Corbin Bullet Swaging
Huntington - Ammunition Reloading Products - retailer
Lyman Products
Buffalo Arms Co. - Obsolete ammo supply
Sinclair International - Specializing in products designed for precision rifle ammunition reloading and shooting
Welcome to Bartlett Reloaders--Surplus Reloading Components
Widener's Reloading & Shooting Supply, Inc. - Retailer

Pages filled with reloading data and great articles:

Steves reloading pages - fantastic
Varmint Al's Reloading Page - articles
Reloading Tips & Articles
Reloading Pages of M.D. Smith - a classic site
Norma Ammunition - Loading data, Ballistics
Milsurp - Cartridge Reloading Data
ACCURATERELOADING.COM - articles, data and hilarious videos - Articles, forum, good stuff
Winchester Ammunition
The Reload Bench Cartridge & Bullet Database

And if you ever use Metric load data you might want a conversion program to calculate Grams to Grains. Download it here!